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Senior Management

With years of retail experience in various business models, the ownership of Wine & Spirits Retail Marketing, Inc. has made its mark on the region with multiple successful operations. Combined with the global experience of its senior management, the pioneering leadership of our organization is unmatched in the industry. The three retail models developed by our team – Douglas Wine & Spirits, People's Liquor Warehouse, and our newest model, Wines & More – are seen as the most progressive stores of their kind in the industry. We take great pride in creating a winning formula that consistently outpaces regional/national sales and gross profit trends. Our senior management team is recognized as industry leaders both regionally and nationally.

An emphasis on Community Involvement

Wine & Spirits Retail Marketing, Inc. firmly believes in giving back to the community and we stress the importance of this to all of our Franchisees and Clients. We believe it is imperative to help local non-profits, arts programs, food banks, as well as local chapters of nationwide organization. Over the years, we have been able to raise significant amounts of money, food, blankets, and toys to help the less fortunate in our own neighborhoods.

John Haronian, President

Born in Providence, Rhode Island, John received his early education at LaSalle Academy, subsequently earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacy from the University of Rhode Island in 1958. During the next twenty-five years John established sixteen 'super drugstores' located in three states, with over 800 employees and annual sales of $70 million. In 1987 John established the first 'full-service' eye care facility in Rhode Island, Vision World. With this eight-store eye chain and sales in excess of $6.5 million John continued his retail presence.

In September of 1974, John opened his first liquor store, Douglas Liquors. Seeing the opportunity, Mr. Haronian founded a franchising/consulting company, Wine & Spirits Retail Marketing, Inc. that encompasses three brands, The Douglas Group, People's Liquor Warehouse and Wines & More of North America. This company provides a multitude of services to retailers of alcoholic beverages.

Now seen as a major cutting edge company with over 20 locations, Wine & Spirit Retail Marketing, Inc. continues to grow its franchising/consulting company offering investors an opportunity to be a part of a group that consistently produces a return on their investment that outpaces the industry averages.

For inquiries about Wine & Spirit Retail Marketing, Inc. and what we can do for you please contact us today.

Kathy Haronian, Chief Operating Officer

As the COO of Wine & Spirits Retail Marketing, Inc., Kathy is involved in the daily functions of her role including Marketing, Operations and Finance.

Having earned her B.A. in Marketing and Management from Providence College and, an M.B.A. in Business at Bryant College, Kathy is well positioned in a leadership role at Wine and Spirits Retail Marketing.

Vice President of various companies such as Douglas Drug, Vision World and Store Designers, Kathy has gained valuable hands on experience in all facets of the retail industry.

Joe Costello, Senior Vice President

With 30 years of experience in the wine and spirit industry, and having worked for some of the top suppliers and distributors in the country and internationally, Joe joined Wine & Spirits Retail Marketing, Inc. in 2009 as the Senior Vice President.
Overseeing all aspects of the organization including Marketing, Operations, and Advertising, Joe takes a hands-on role in the day-to-day operations of the company.

Sal Rao, Chief Financial Officer

Sal is an alum of Bryant College (’84) with a BS in Computer Information Systems. He also pursued an accounting education at Bryant and was certified by the RI Board of Accountancy in 1992. Sal’s professional experience includes financial management of wholesale, manufacturing, and professional services enterprises in addition to many years of experience in the retail sector of private industry. He’s held corporate leadership positions in both Retail Operations and Finance and has often been responsible for implementing or improving systems to support chain store retailers. Sal joined the company in 2014.

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Category Management

The three branches of category management – Spirits, Wine, and Beer – are managed individually to ensure focus on marketing strategies and product awareness. The Category Managers are not only responsible for the selection of product placed in stores, but also for the price points, advertising products, and overall success of the category they oversee.


The Multimedia Department is consistently exploring new opportunities to keep our Franchisees/Clients ahead of the times. Whether it is through social media networking or any other means, we strive to provide our clients with the best possible means of advertising to achieve brand recognition. This department is also responsible for the design and maintenance of the store web sites, monthly newsletters, and regular updating of existing practices to ensure we are keeping with the latest trends of our customers.


The WSRM Advertising Department is responsible for all Point of Sale for our franchisees/clients. We firmly believe that 'a business without signs is a sign of no business'. It is our goal to educate the customer on many levels, from product information cards to display signage with descriptions and food pairing possibilities. The Advertising Department also interacts with our franchisees/clients on a regular basis ensuring that all graphic requirements are filled on a timely and consistent basis.

Frank Mariano, Vice President, Marketing

With over 25 years of retail experience, Frank has worked in all aspects of retail. As a successful Store Manager at the largest volume store, Frank was promoted to the corporate office as the Director of Fine Wines. Since 2010 he now holds the position of Vice President of Marketing. Frank has traveled nationally and internationally, visiting/ meeting with the most influential wine makers and industry leaders in the world.

Liz Walker, Director of Wine

Liz, a graduate of the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, has been in Management with our franchised stores since 2010. She has pursued education at Johnson & Wales through the Wine & Spirits Education Trust aiming to obtain her C.S.W. Liz holds a strong passion for Oenology and enjoys educating and inspiring her colleagues, with hopes to bring new and exciting visions to the industry.

Andrew Thompson, Director of Beer

Andrew has been with our franchised stores since 2011. Having earned his B.S. degree in Business and Marketing as well as studies in Southeast Asia in International Business, Andrew brings a fresh look and approach our team.

Sara Slahetka, Advertising Manager

Sara, a graduate of the University of Florida, has been with us since 2006, and since joining us, has gained experience in all facets of daily operations, from accounting to event planning. Currently, Sara is heavily involved in the ad process, from design and development through to the finished product. She also assists both the President and COO in the daily functions of the organization.

Joe Cervone, Graphic Designer

With an Associate's degree in Commercial Art, Joe has had a successful career in graphic arts, owning and operating his own prepress business. Joe's hands-on experience in conventional prepress printing, combined with his experience in desktop publishing, give Joe the tools to deliver the most up-to-date point-of-sale and product advertisements.

Tina Almstrom, Graphic & Web Designer

Tina brings over ten years of combined graphic and web design experience to our team. Responsible for monthly newsletter publications, e-mail marketing, web design and development, Tina’s eye for design is a great asset to our company. Other duties include assisting team members with daily store signage requirements and fulfilling the social media needs of our clients.

Dan Pellegrino, IT

Dan plays an active role in various departments including, Advertising, Marketing, and Operations. He earned a BFA in Digital Design from the University of Rhode Island and an MA in Media from Rhode Island College. Dan joined our team in 2006, working at Delta Wine & More as an Assistant Manager while still in college. In 2008, he was promoted to Multimedia Consultant in our corporate office, where he now oversees all multimedia projects. Since then, Dan was promoted to IT Manager.  He is currently in the process of updating our Point of Sale programs to keep us on the cutting edge of new technology.

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The Operations Department ensures that all of our franchisees' and clients' stores uphold our strict standards. Through frequent visits to each location, the Operations team is responsible for overseeing inventory levels, hiring practices, guidance, and direction to store management and staff.

Staffed with seasoned Operations Management, Wine & Spirits Retail Marketing, Inc. is able to create an efficient and well-maintained retail organization for our clients.

Craig Power, Vice President of Operations

As Vice President of Operations, Craig oversees the day-to-day functions of all store locations with his division Management team. Craig has established a high operational standard throughout each location through staff training, development of operational study material and policies, compliance guidelines, formal monthly meetings for review and recommendations and regular store inspections.

Each of our stores is recognized by the trade as a model of what a well-run profitable retail business should be. With his years of retail and operations experience, Craig is considered one of the most effective Operations Managers in the industry.

Tom Irons, Operations Manager

Involved in the retail liquor industry since his high school days, Tom went on to own a retail liquor store after college. With strong communications skills and years of experience, he now serves as an accomplished and successful Operations Division Manager, contributing at a level unmatched in our industry. Overseeing each of our models, Tom continues to be a teacher and mentor to the store staff with his valuable knowledge of the business.

Keith Gillis, Operations Manager

Keith has been with us since 2005, starting as a store manager before his promotion to our corporate office as Operations Division Manager. Keith worked in each of our store models prior to his promotion, giving him an in-depth working knowledge of all aspects of Operations. He upholds the same high standards and disciplines in his corporate role as he did in his former role as Store Manager.

TJ Seaton, Operations Manager

TJ has been with the company since 2002, having worked in every aspect of the stores, from Cashier/Stock to Store Manager. In his position as Store Manager, TJ gained a wealth of knowledge on the industry and earned his Certified Spirit Specialist certification from the Society of Wine Educators in New York. He brings not only experience in all aspects of store management but also great knowledge of the industry itself.

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